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PSCA is founded on the premise the artist comes first and is the raison d’etre of the art world.  The role of the gallerist is to nurture creative achievement and to cultivate the collectors and curators who can help sustain the artists.  The artists represented are those whose work one would wish to collect and to enjoy.




 2028 Second Avenue 3-S New York NY 10029






By Appointment

Sam Hughes

3022 Hone Ave #2 Bronx, NY 10469


PSCA is led by Paul Sharpe




Artists wishing to submit work for review are welcome to send color Xeroxes or digital printouts on paper with a SASE.  PSCA does not review email submissions, CDs or DVDs, or actual works of art, unless requested by the gallery.


Gallery and Art Rentals, Services to Artists and Collectors. Consulting.
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PSCA was founded in December 1999 and had its first public show in January 2001. It has been included in more than 50 editorials since. Reviews have been published in the following local and national publications.

  • Art in America (Phil Joanou)
  • ARTnews (Gloria Garfinkel)
  • Art Nexus (Arturo Cuenca)
  • Art Police (Arturo Cuenca)
  • Gay City News (Betrayal/Portrayal)
  • The New York Art World (Arturo Cuenca and Linda Cummings)
  • The New York Art World (Linda Cummings)
  • The New York Art World (Michelle Mackey)
  • New York Arts Magazine (Arturo Cuenca)
  • New York Arts Magazine (Ruth Hardinger)
  • The New York Sun (Laura Harrison)
  • The New York Sun (Robin Richmond)
  • Sculpture Magazine (Ruth Hardinger)
  • Sculpture Magazine (Alex Wagman)
  • Sing Tao Daily (Tattfoo Tan)
  • The Tribeca Trib (Katy Martin)
  • and a profile of the gallerist and gallery ran in Gay City News and the Downtown Express.  An interview with the director ran in Contemporary Art Gallery e-magazine in May 2007.





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